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Your time is valuable, but meetings and interrupts are the enemies of writing great code. Sync Google Calendar to automatically protect or block your best coding times, improve work-life balance, see how meetings impact your code time, and more.

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Meetings versus code time
Meetings vs. code time

Balance coding and collaboration

How many hours do you spend in meetings versus coding in your text editor or IDE? You need long, uninterrupted blocks of time to achieve flow, but meetings break up the day, eating more time than what’s shown on a calendar. We’ll help you calculate the true cost of meetings.

Work life balance

Improve work-life balance

How much do you code during work hours versus nights and weekends? Never have long, uninterrupted times to do real coding at work? Let data help you set the right balance. Finally, a data-driven reason to skip that next meeting.

Work life balance
Protect code time
Calendar automation

Protect code time

Do you know when you typically focus best on coding software each day of the week? See your coding times and highest coding intensity—high keystrokes per minute—on your calendar. Automatically block your best times to increase productivity.


Get code time reminders

Get Google Calendar reminders when it’s time to start coding. Software works with the Google Calendar API to automatically schedule events that protect your top code times based on your historical coding activity.

Code time reminders

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