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How much time should I spend coding?

Based on data from 250K+ developers in our global community, developers code 52 minutes per day — about 4 hours and 21 minutes during a normal workweek from Monday to Friday. Developers typically spend more than half of that coding during work hours.

What's the difference between code time and active code time?

Active code time is defined as time spent actively writing or editing code in an editor or IDE, which we use as an indicator of the amount of focused, uninterrupted time that developers have available to code during the workday. Code time is time spent in your editor, such as writing, editing, reading, or browsing code.

Can I track code outside of work hours?

Yes. Code time during work is the amount of time spent coding between 9am and 5pm. You can also set custom hours in your account settings to measure coding during and outside work hours.

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