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High-performing engineering and DevOps teams measure their lead time to see how quickly they deliver value to their customers.
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Measure the overall efficiency of your software delivery pipeline by tracking delivery frequency and lead time.

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Identify bottlenecks in the delivery pipeline by comparing lead times across stages, from development to release.

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Development Lead Time

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Reduce lead time by identifying and eliminating delays in the development process. With better data and metrics, teams can focus their time and effort on solving key DevOps challenges.

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Elite performers go from code to production in less than a day. Measure lead time and see how your team compares to elite engineering teams in your DevOps metrics overview.

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How does Software's lead time fit within the DORA metrics?

Delivery lead time measures the time between creating a commit and merging it into the main branch, similar to how the DORA metrics measure lead time. If you use GitHub to manage your releases, you can also measure lead time as the time between creating a commit and releasing it to production.

How to reduce lead time?

Reducing lead time requires teams to find and minimize the most significant time constraints during the development life cycle. Consider decreasing the number of handoffs between teams, limiting work in progress, and avoiding late-stage rework. Improving automation can also provide developers with faster feedback and reduce time spent on repetitive or manual tasks. Learn more about lead time and the DORA metrics.

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