Frequently Asked Questions

What is Software’s mission?

Your software matters. We track the data behind your software to help you code smarter.

How will Software help me improve productivity?

Software collects data from your text editor or IDE and Google calendar to provide a range of insights that can help build productive habits. For instance, Software can help you identify natural times during the week when you achieve coding flow and set block times and reminders on your calendar to take advantage of those times. Software will automatically track how much you code during regular work hours versus nights and weekends, and can help you code more during regular work hours to achieve a happier work-life balance. Software can also help you track a range of weekly performance metrics, including coding time, total keystrokes, keystrokes per minute, lines of code, etc. to see if you are increasing or decreasing work volume week by week or month by month. Over time, we will provide even more data and value across developer tools.

How much does Software cost?

Software is free for individuals and teams. For access to historical data beyond six months, modest data charges may apply (pricing will be determined after beta). In the future, we will provide enterprise features and pricing as well.