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Metrics for continuous improvement

Connect the tools your team uses, like VS Code, Google Calendar, and GitHub. Then measure how your team’s metrics are changing over time and take action to improve.
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Time to code explore view
Time to code

Minimize the impact of meetings on code time

Is your team spending too much time in meetings? Know how much your team is meeting compared to the global average.

If meeting time is high, reclaim time for coding by blocking top code times, setting meeting limits, or defragmenting your team’s calendar to allow for more continuous blocks of focus time.

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Production throughput explore view
production throughput

Measure and improve production throughput

We’ve got the data that shows that high-performing teams integrate changes into production in less than a day.

See and compare your team’s code lead time—from first code change to merge to trunk/main—to our global community. Balance your team’s speed against other metrics, such as average commit size, to create predictability and speed of release.

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Dashboard view
Team dashboard

One dashboard for you and your team

We’re not here to help micromanagers. We believe in transparency and trust. That’s why everyone on your team sees the same data. We designed one dashboard for your entire team to measure and improve.

Data for one, data for all
Low Friction to Adoption

Easy to get started

Choosing new tools can be a pain. When you adopt new issue trackers, project management, and other collaboration tools, your entire team has to agree to a new way of working.

Software requires minimal commitment from your team. It's fast and easy for developers to install our plugins. You can also connect GitHub and invite your team later.
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