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Software Staff
December 19, 2018

[ TL;DR ]

  • We start with a TL;DR link so you can jump to a summary in bullets
  • We work hard to distill our research into the best content and practices
  • We create visual frameworks of how to think about topics
  • We add data to enrich our content whenever possible

Developers are busy transforming the world with software.

So do we really need another developer publication and email newsletter? Don’t we find enough interesting content to distract ourselves from coding already?

But the world is changing fast...because of developers. New platforms, products, and tools are constantly emerging. And they can have a big impact on the value of what we do. There’s an incredible volume of information out there, all just a few keystrokes in Google away. But how do you distill the signal from the noise?

How do you know if a blog has the best content?

How do you avoid wasting time reading through a lengthy article that might only have one or two nuggets of value?

That’s why we’ve launched the Software Review.

We write about a range of topics important to developers, from startups and innovation to platforms and tools. Our mission is to help developers and teams improve their craft. We start with a “too long; didn’t read” (TL;DR) link at the top. So you can jump straight to the key takeaways—in bullets no less!

We’re not just trying to endlessly fill the Software Review with content to keep developers engaged. We work hard to distill our research into topics into the best content and the best practices.

In fact, we debate and noodle over concepts until we have a deep understanding, until we can produce a visual framework for how to think about a topic. And if you know better, we are all ears. We will take feedback and improve our content right away.

Finally, we’re all about the data. So any time we can find or produce the data, we will add data to enrich our articles.

Software is powerful and transformational. We’re trying to make it a little bit easier for developers to keep the saw sharp and keep on transforming.

It's code time!

- The Editors at the Software Review

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