Dec 06, 2019

Amazon jumps into quantum computing

Amazon quantum computing

Amazon announced the launch of Braket, a new fully managed service that allows researchers and developers to begin experimenting with computers from multiple quantum hardware providers in a single place.

Braket gives developers access to cutting-edge quantum computers from D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti—a few of the most widely-known quantum hardware manufacturers.

Does quantum matter? Quantum computing is a young field still looking to prove its worth. Researchers—and big technology companies—hope that one day quantum computers will be able to solve certain complex computations more quickly. That would be particularly useful for resource-intensive work like drug discovery, financial modeling, and artificial intelligence.

Amazon vs. Microsoft vs. Google. Google has a strong research culture that will likely push quantum computing forward. Just a few months ago, Google and IBM quibbled over Google’s declaration that it had achieved quantum supremacy.

Even so, AWS and Microsoft are taking an early lead in making quantum computers cloud-based.

Like AWS, Azure recently announced a quantum computing solution for Azure. With the launch of Braket, Amazon is now firmly pitted against Microsoft.

Amazon isn’t shying away from Google, either. Buried in its Braket announcement, Amazon noted that its opening up the AWS Center for Quantum Computing near Caltech to push forward quantum hardware development.

Ok, but should developers care? Not yet. It’s still unclear how widely accessible Braket will be, as it seems more targeted towards enterprise developers at large companies.

Moreover, quantum computing is unlikely to disrupt software development in the near-term. Traditional computers work well for most problems developers face today.

Still, the next wave of innovation could be at our doorstep, and developers working on cutting-edge computers today will help shape software development tomorrow.

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