Sep 27, 2019

Cloud-first development is reinventing the entire development stack, even programming languages

Ballerina released version 1.0 of its new cloud native programming language that hopes to replace traditional languages with a cloud-first alternative. Ballerina represents shifting attitudes in how software developers view languages as tools and how cloud-driven engineering is redefining development paradigms, from serverless and containerization to remote development and programming languages.

Most programming languages were created before containerization and microservices became popular development workflows. As a result, modern development often requires middleware or clunky boilerplate code to communicate across networks, between services, and through APIs.

With Ballerina, network communication is encapsulated in the language, providing developers with easy ways to read, forward, and transform messages between protocols, like HTTP, WebSockets, TCP, and more. With out-of-the-box communication tools in the Ballerina language, developers can minimize dependencies, reduce middleware, and increase resiliency.

Under development since 2016, Ballerina is the latest in a wave of cloud-first development tools. While versatile languages like PHP, JavaScript, and Python led the first wave of cloud innovation, future developer stacks may be even more cloud-optimized.

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