Feb 14, 2020

You're hired: latest developer hiring trends

Hired developer trends

Hired, a recruiting platform, released its State of Software Engineers report to analyze current hiring trends in the developer world. Hired gathered data from more than 10,000 companies, 420,000 interview requests, and 98,000 job seekers.

What are the fastest growing jobs? Demand for AR/VR engineers grew 1400% over the last year—making it the fastest growing development job. Rounding out the top three, gaming engineers and computer vision engineers saw demand grow by nearly 150% in 2019. For comparison, demand for frontend and backend engineers grew by a respectable 17% over the last year.

Want an interview? Engineers with Go skills were the most in demand, earning an average of 9+ interviews over a six week time period.

Other in-demand language skills: Scala developers earned 8.5 interviews, Ruby developers earned 8.2 interviews, and TypeScript developers earned 7.9 interviews.

But try not to be too experienced. Software engineers with 10+ years of experience get 20% fewer interview requests than those with 4 to 10 years of experience.

Maybe you don’t want an interview? The vast majority (66%) of software engineers think coding exams are irrelevant to the daily job of an engineer. For many developers, coding exams can be an unpleasant exercise, with 42% of developers citing coding exams as the most stressful part of the interview process.

Do it because you love it. More than half (53%) of software engineers said their primary motivation for learning a new programming language or framework is simply that they enjoy learning new skills. And 85% of respondents said they are glad they pursued a career in software engineering.

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