Nov 15, 2019

GitHub goes mobile in its bid to be the center of the (developer) universe

GitHub for mobile

GitHub’s recent mobile ambitions reveal the company’s plans to accelerate its growing impact on the entire development life cycle.

GitHub announced the availability of GitHub for mobile, its new app that brings the GitHub platform to mobile devices.

Today, much of software development happens away from desktops. Nat Friedman, GitHub’s CEO, predicts that within 5 years, more than half of interactions on GitHub will happen on mobile.

A new mobile app plants GitHub firmly at the center of the developer world by helping it reach developers on every device and every platform.

Most importantly, GitHub's mobile app helps it grow beyond its role as a code hosting service and into a robust hub for all software development activity.

Engineering teams increasingly depend on GitHub to collaborate, assign tasks, triage code, and manage notifications. GitHub is quickly becoming a management tool that connects teams and orchestrates entire development workflows.

With a mobile presence, GitHub ensures that most development workflows continue to pass through its platform, regardless of what device developers use. By making its platform more helpful in more places, GitHub can effectively position itself at the center of the software development world.

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