Dec 20, 2019

The value of open source AI for developers

Hugging Face open source AI

Hugging Face, creator of the open source Transformers library, raised $15M in their latest round of funding. Transformers is a popular machine learning tool focused on natural language processing (NLP) that has racked up nearly 20k stars on GitHub.

Where it all began. Hugging Face originally developed its language processing technology to power its mobile app that let anyone chat with a friendly and conversational AI bot.

Hugging Face took that underlying NLP technology and created the open source Transformers framework to give developers greater access to powerful machine learning libraries.

What it can do. Transformers includes more than 30 pretrained models in upwards of 100 languages. It is deeply interoperable with TensorFlow and PyTorch, the most popular open source machine learning libraries.

Developers can use Transformers for text classification, information extraction, summarization, text generation, and conversational artificial intelligence.

The impact. Developers get better access to better tools as the next wave of artificial intelligence technologies are built.

Many existing commercial models are proprietary, tied to blackboxes run by big cloud providers—like Azure Cognitive Services or AWS Comprehend. While powerful and developer-friendly, these platforms limit developer involvement in how they grow and evolve.

Powerful open source machine learning libraries empower developers to play a more meaningful role in adopting and advancing cutting-edge AI.

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