Nov 15, 2019

How AI strengthens Microsoft’s grip on the software supply chain

Microsoft IntelliCode

As Microsoft pushes GitHub to the center of the software development world, it’s also pushing its developer tools to be better integrated with the Microsoft developer ecosystem.

Microsoft boosted IntelliCode, its AI coding assistant for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, to provide better and more powerful code suggestions. Trained on 14,000 public GitHub repositories, IntelliCode helps developers write less repetitive code with its intelligent code recommendations. IntelliCode’s new features focus on C#, C++, and TypeScript.

In the latest update, IntelliCode is able to suggest entire lines of code, including arguments you want to pass into recommended functions.

Moreover, IntelliCode now learns as you type to offer refactoring suggestions. IntelliCode can even save those refactoring suggestions and automatically open a pull request for you to review through GitHub.

TypeScript, Visual Studio Code, and GitHub are all important developer tools built by Microsoft that operate at different points in the software development life cycle.

IntelliCode links them together more deeply by providing developers with value through automation and artificial intelligence.

If you are a TypeScript developer, you will be more likely to use Visual Studio Code so that you can code smarter with IntelliCode. As an IntelliCode user, you are likely to integrate with GitHub to manage automated pull requests.

Developers are slowly pulled deeper into Microsoft's ecosystem.

Microsoft controls the entire development stack, from the code to the code editors to the code repositories. Microsoft then strengthens the relationship between its developer tools with services like IntelliCode that are most valuable when your entire stack uses Microsoft products.

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