Dec 13, 2019

A Space launch from JetBrains

Space from JetBrains

JetBrains launched Space, its new integrated team environment that centralizes and organizes team collaboration and development workflows.

Space includes chats, logs, wikis, issues, code reviews, and other project management tools. Developers can also connect any JetBrains IDE to manage repositories, merges, and notifications.

What’s different about Space? It’s for everyone, even non-technical team members.

JetBrains has built a few other tools for collaboration; Upsource manages code reviews and project analytics for teams and YouTrack helps agile software development teams manage their projects.

With Space, however, JetBrains hopes to hook every member of an organization.

According to JetBrains, Space’s two main selling points are that it's:

  • Powerful — for your technical excellence and innovation.
  • Friendly — for all the people in your organization to use.

A shifting focus. Even if you don’t use any of JetBrains’ other products, it’s push into tools that can be used across an organization signals a greater shift toward developer-centric thinking.

Slack, one of the most popular communication tools, is often a sore spot for developers, sacrificing rich development features so that it can be more widely accessible. Slack relies heavily on a marketplace of third-party extensions to add much-needed development integrations. Microsoft Teams, a Slack competitor, also lacks many developer-friendly features, despite operating under the same company as GitHub and Visual Studio Code.

On the other end of the spectrum, Atlassian tries to capture many different developer workflows, but is difficult for non-technical users to navigate and understand.

Goldilocks? Space sits somewhere in between. It is decidedly developer-first, but makes a strong effort to pull non-technical users onto its platform.

As developers continue to be the main drivers of innovation around the world, you can expect to find more companies organizing teams around tools that make developers happier and more productive.

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