Feb 07, 2020

Mining the API gold rush

API gold rush

Stoplight, an API design management platform, raised $6M as API-driven development continues to bring new opportunities to software development. It is the latest entrant in a quickly growing market for developer API tools.

What does Stoplight build? Stoplight offers Studio, a free standalone API editor that makes it easy to prototype and share an API during development.

In addition to Studio, Stoplight offers Prism, an HTTP mock and proxy server to accelerate API development, and Spectral, and open source JSON and YAML linter to improve the quality of API descriptions.

Changing development needs are fueling an API gold rush. Stoplight is not alone. Postman, which raised $50M last year, similarly provides developers with a free collaboration platform for API development.

Tools like Postman and Stoplight are increasingly important for software development teams due to the rise of microservices, serverless architecture, and the internet of things. With many fragmented services and devices trying to communicate with each other, developers must design and implement APIs to connect them.

All those APIs need to be managed. Developers are spending more time on API management. More than 60% of respondents in a Postman survey revealed that they spend more than 10 hours per week—about a fourth of a typical work week—working with APIs.

With so many developers working on different APIs, tools like Spotlight can help engineering teams better enforce consistency across APIs and encourage greater collaboration.

The future: As API-driven development accelerates, expect a growing ecosystem of developer tools that promise faster API development and more efficient teams.

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