Jan 31, 2020

Go slow to go fast, securely

State of DevOps

Puppet—a popular provider of infrastructure automation and delivery software—released its eighth annual State of DevOps Report. Nearly 3,000 developers, ops, and security professionals from around the world took part in the survey and answered questions about development speed and security.

Many companies choose to go slow. While many companies are building faster product pipelines, there is still a noticeable gap between how frequently development teams are able to deploy and how frequently they actually deploy.

Across all industries, roughly 46% of companies are able to deploy on demand, yet only 24% actually opt to deploy on demand.

When do most companies prefer to deploy? About 33% of companies choose to deploy once per day or more. Nearly 43% of companies opt to deploy at most once per week—even though just 19% of companies feel they are constrained to doing so.

Security is important, but can slow down development. According to the survey, 78% of respondents agreed that security is a shared responsibility across both delivery and security teams.

Yet many developers think their companies could do a better job of implementing security practices into their development workflows. Roughly 41% of developers felt that security is a major constraint on their ability to deliver software quickly.

The main takeaways: Companies are set up for fast development speed, but intentionally choose to deploy less frequently. And as security-driven development becomes more widespread, teams will likely encounter even more speed bumps along the way.

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