Mar 13, 2020

Twitter's API renaissance

Twitter devs

At a time when many large platforms have severely limited their developer APIs—including Facebook and Gmail—Twitter hopes to recapture developer mindshare with a new set of revamped developer policies.

What’s changing? In short, Twitter’s policies are easier to understand and more clear.

New policies allow greater freedom for academic research. Researchers now have clearer guidelines and can more easily share data sets for academic purposes.

For app developers, Twitter is streamlining its use-case approval process—where developers want to use Twitter data in a new way and need to reapply for approval. And, if you want to build a bot, Twitter is embracing their usefulness by making it easier for developers to officially register their bots.

Twitter wants to get more developers more data. Twitter is revamping how it engages with the developer community. In 2018, Twitter introduced a new developer review process to expedite and streamline how developers build on its platform. Since then, it’s reviewed nearly 1M developer applications for API access.

Twitter is in the midst of an API renaissance. It’s building out its next generation API, with the goal of being more open and transparent. The company even launched Developer Labs, a new program for developers to test its APIs and provide feedback.

With new API policies in place, Twitter hopes to foster a healthier developer community—one that can extend, rather than threaten, its platform.

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