Zoom Time

Launch Zoom meetings, access your team's Zoom links, and see upcoming Zoom meetings with one click, directly from VS Code.

How to Install

1. Visit the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. You will need Visual Studio Code installed to use Zoom Time. Search for and install the Zoom Time extension by Software.

2. Open Visual Studio Code and click the new camera icon in the Side Bar.

3. Under Menu, click Connect Zoom.

4. Enter your Zoom login credentials, then click Sign in.

5. You'll be prompted to grant permission for Zoom Time to access your Zoom account. Click Authorize.

6. Once Zoom is connected, you can close your browser. Reopen Visual Studio Code to see your Zoom meetings in the Side Bar.

If you need to troubleshoot Zoom, please visit the Troubleshooting Guide.

How to Remove

1. To uninstall Zoom Time, view your installed extensions in Visual Studio Code. Select Zoom Time, click on the gear icon, and select Uninstall.

2. To remove Zoom Time from your Zoom account and deauthorize the app, view your Installed Apps. Find Zoom Time and click Uninstall.

Contact Support

• To request assistance from our support team, please email us at support@software.com.

• To submit an issue or report a bug, please open an issue on our GitHub repository.

• Please allow up to three business days for a response to your support requests.

• For more information on how to get support, please visit our Support page.

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