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Our team codes 23% more than the global average across the Software community.
Daily active code time chart
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Metrics for our Team

Here's how we use our data

We compiled the data for our team and compared ourselves to our global community of more than 150,000 developers. Here's what we learned.
Work-life balance

We have good work-life balance

About 62% of our team’s code time happens during work hours. We measure coding during and outside work hours so that we can get more work done at work and avoid sacrificing nights and weekends.

See your team’s work-life balance
Work-life balance chart

We prioritize coding over meetings

Our team spends less time in meetings than coding, but globally, developers spend 23% more time in meetings than coding. We aim to strike the right balance between meetings and coding.

Measure the impact of meetings
Our team's meetings vs. code time
Top Code Times

We protect our top code times from interrupts

We found our top code time: 4-5pm every day. We avoid scheduling meetings during that time. Protecting our team's time helps us find our flow and get more coding done at work.

Discover your team’s top code times
Our team's top code times vs. the global average
Data Platform

Why teams love Software

We provide the data that helps you and your team defend code time against meetings, interrupts, and distractions.
Office building

Improve work-life balance

See how much your team is coding during vs. outside work hours. Schedule focus blocks throughout the day based on your team’s data to improve work-life balance.

Calendar drawing

Optimize meeting schedules

Every team is different. Software provides the data that helps your team identify and protect the top code times for your team.

Developer in front of a laptop

Find your team’s flow

Our Code Time plugin for your code editor automatically detects when you're in flow and mutes notifications from Slack. Then, you can measure the impact on code time, commits, and other metrics.

Data Platform

Global development data and trends

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