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Automatically track coding metrics to increase flow, decrease interrupts, achieve work-life balance, and more. It’s safe, secure, and free.

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It's code time!
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Your code is safe

We do not process, send, or store your proprietary code. We only track productivity-related data, and we make it easy to see the data we collect. Learn more about our plugins in our FAQs.

Daily keystrokes per minute
Text editors and IDEs

Track code time and intensity

See when you reach peak keystroke intensity. Track and visualize keystrokes per minute to learn when you typically focus best while coding.

Google Calendar

Increase flow time

Predictive analytics and automation help you block your most productive coding times. Connect and sync Google Calendar to see how meetings impact your code time. Finally, a data-driven reason to skip meetings.

Protect code time calendar
Work life balance
Text editors and IDEs

Improve work-life balance

See how much you code during work hours versus nights and weekends. Set goals to shift more coding to work hours to reclaim time for your personal life.


What's in code time?

Get the most out of your data with these awesome features.
Status bar

Status bar

Our plugins let you see your coding metrics without having to leave your text editor or IDE

Time tracking

Time tracking

Get weekly reports on time per project and a range of other metrics for fully quantified programming


Predictive analytics

Find patterns in your coding data, like daily starting code time to improve productivity


Calendar sync and automation

Schedule times to protect on your Google calendar and use data to defend against interrupts



Set goals to help you continuously improve and measure performance over time



See how you rank compared to other software developers using the same programming languages, developer tools, frameworks, and more

developer First

Data for you

Quantitative data can be misinterpreted without the proper context. That’s why your data is just for you. In the future, we’ll roll up anonymized data into teams greater than five people. But we will never provide your name with your data to someone else. Because you are the best judge of your own data. It’s part of our Developer First culture.


Works where you do

Integrate your text editor or IDE in minutes. See your productivity data, including session time, keystrokes per minute, and coding flow for fully quantified development.

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