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Works with Spotify and VS Code
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Music Time

Control Spotify in VS Code

Music Time is an extension for VS Code that gives you full control over your music. Play, pause, repeat, and favorite songs from the status bar—all from inside VS Code. You can also browse and view all your playlists in the VS Code tree view. Say goodbye to context switching.

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Code Time

Find and protect your most productive code times

Code Time is a time-tracking and analytics plugin that helps you find when you work your best and get in the zone faster. Analyze your peak productive times based on your coding metrics so you can protect those times from meetings and interrupts.

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I really love this project. It's shown me the difference between being busy and being productive!

Kyle Peeler

Software Engineer, PactSafe

The recommendations are awesome! I love that I can discover new music without having to leave VS Code.

Nick Perez

Software Engineer, AgileMD

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