Music Time

Use data and AI to discover the most productive music to listen to as you code.

Works with Spotify and VS Code

Find your most productive music for coding

Find your best songs for coding by measuring your productivity score—a calculation that combines your coding metrics with your listening history each week and data from over 10,000 developers.

Visualize your music and coding data

Learn how the underlying metrics of music (including tempo, loudness, speechiness, energy, and valence) impact how you code.

Music metrics

AI playlists, right in your editor

Every week, get a personalized AI playlist generated using deep learning to help you focus. Control your music and playlists right from your editor. Say goodbye to context switching.

Explore your personal top 40

Visit the web app to see your most productive songs, artists, and genres each week in your own top 40 playlist.

Discover new music

Discover new music from developers around the world in playlists generated by our algorithms.

Explore Software Top 40

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