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Software automatically detects when you're in flow and blocks out distractions.
Top coding times: 3pm-5pmCoding volume by hour of the day

Based on data from more than 100K developers, we recommend teams block 3pm-5pm as dedicated code times. But every team is different. See what your data looks like.

Top developers at these companies protect their flow with Software

Automate away distractions

Slack messages, Facebook notifications, and OS notifications—a few examples of the enemies of flow—break attention and focus.

We automatically detect when you’re in flow and then mute notifications for you. You can configure our editor extensions to automatically enter Zen mode, hide your OS dock, or even set your Slack status to away when you’re in flow for fully focused, uninterrupted coding.

Measure and improve

See how you are improving over time. We help you see and extend your flow by visualizing your data in a web dashboard.

You can also see how you stack up against the Software community by comparing yourself to global averages.

Facebook is right about Wednesday

Based on data from our global community, Wednesday is the most productive day for coding.

Discover your team’s most productive times for coding and then protect them by designating days for coding and specific hours for collaboration times.
Top coding day: WednesdayCoding volume by day of the week

Based on data from more than 100K developers, Wednesday is the most popular day for coding.

We're not building corporate spyware

We value developer privacy, productivity, and happiness above all. When you create a team, your personal data is aggregated and anonymized. We will never share your personally-identifiable data.

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