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Development Observability

Visualize your development data in one place. We built a platform so you don’t have to. Integrate with GitHub, Jira, Slack, and more. data platform
Development throughput
Productivity Insights

See where you're most productive

Measure engineering productivity across teams and locations. Gain insight into how you operate at different scales. Our platform helps you lead with better visibility into your organization’s performance.

Visibility into efficiency
Anomaly Detection

Identify and remove bottlenecks

Bottlenecks create wasted time for engineers, and are difficult to identify. With our insights into lead time, you can easily spot where work is getting stuck and get alerted when there are major changes in your software delivery process.

Engineering insights
Lead time stages
Working agreements
Working Agreements

Improve team efficiency

As teams grow in size, it becomes harder to stay on top of slipping work. Ship code more efficiently with notifications that automatically alert teams of work that needs attention.

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