Software Manifesto

Software is transforming the world. Our mission is to transform software development. We quantify the craft to help developers and teams learn from their data, increase productivity, and code smarter.

Our products are built by developers for developers. Here are our fundamental beliefs in how data should be used to improve software development.

  • 1
    Developer First

    We value developer privacy, productivity, and happiness above all.

  • 2
    In Data We Trust

    Development is a team sport. Data should be used to build trust, not to destroy it.

  • 3
    Data for Good

    Data should be positive and motivational, not negative and demoralizing.

  • 4
    Data for One, Data for All

    Context matters. Teams and managers should all see the same anonymized, summary data. Your specific data should be just for you. We will not share your specific data and name with your boss, ever.

  • 5
    First Track All the Data

    We can’t predetermine the underlying data relationships that really matter over time. Tracking data is the first step. Because data needs data.

  • 6
    Data Curiosity

    An open mind is key to finding value in data. Don’t rush to judgment. Even simple, quantitative metrics can lead to profound results.

  • 7
    Give Before Take

    We use data to give developers tools that provide value and delight, save time, and eliminate context switching. We are not building micro-management spyware for engineering overlords.

  • 8
    Action Over Insight

    Data isn’t just an intellectual exercise. It needs to be translated into action. It’s the old adage—measure what you want to improve.

  • 9
    Simplicity Rules

    Data is at its best when presented in a simple, elegant way.

  • 10
    Social Responsibility

    We must all do our part to fight bias, racism, and inequality, including bias in data and its uses.

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