Software is transforming the world.

Our mission is to transform software development.

We're building the future of
Development Observability

We make software delivery more visible by collecting data across the stack, providing insights that help developers and teams measure and improve.

Developer first

We believe in developer privacy, productivity, and happiness above all. We believe in measuring tools and processes, not individuals.

How we're building

Privacy obsessed

We are not building corporate management spyware or a micromanagement tool. Development is a team sport where trust and context matter.

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Global Community

Trusted by developers everywhere

Our tools are used by developers across the world to uncover insights about productivity, performance, and the future of work.
500K+ developers across 187 countries
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Remote Team

Code from anywhere

The traditional workplace is dissolving. We work where we work best.
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Our investors

TJ Rylander
TJ Rylander
Partner, Next47
"Developers have emerged as the linchpin for growth and innovation across all industries. The Software team is enabling developers all over the world to make a real difference in the impact they have on the world."
Joe Lonsdale
Joe Lonsdale
Partner, 8VC
Co-founder, Palantir, Addepar, OpenGov
"We're strong believers in the Software team and the power of data. We love investing in companies that support the developer community."