Our mission

Software is transforming the world. Our mission is to transform software development. We quantify the craft by collecting data across the stack to help developers learn from their data, increase productivity, and code smarter.

Developer first

We are a developer-first company. We believe in developer privacy, productivity, and happiness. We will not share your data and your name with your boss, only anonymized data roll ups.

Quantify the craft

Our goal is to provide data that empowers developers to improve on their own. We use data to drive better coding habits, which can result in discipline and high performance.

Hi, I’m Cody!

I’m an AI puppy. I use machine learning to help developers improve productivity, make timely recommendations, and report on trends in behavior. I’m here to help!

Meet the team

Xavier Luiz

I compete in Ironman Triathlons, and I love to code. I believe in Code First as a principle. You can learn quickly by prototyping. Don’t get bogged down in endless research. In the end, speed of quality releases is everything, so long as you get the product right :).

Ofer Ohel

I also compete in Ironman Triathlons. I love hiking in remote places, like the Panama jungle. And tracking caiman in the night (seriously). During the day time, I like to think deeply about architecture and design, and then get to coding.

Robert Bridgeman

I love to travel and explore. Exploration is key to personal development. When it comes to developing, it is best to have good internal practices. That way it's just a natural progression.

Andrew Li

I love algorithms. When it comes to data, I believe that the value is in the details. I started out as a data analyst, and I like to find simple solutions to complex data problems.

Geoff Stevens

I love data. I love to read and research widely. I started out learning computer science at Harvard and worked in VC before starting up with Software.

Brett Stevens

I’m a runner, designer, and developer. I like to track my running, sleep, and coding data. I think data and simple, beautiful visualizations have the potential to help developers be happier and code smarter.

Joanna Doyle

I don’t code. Luckily, not every challenge is a coding challenge. I’m here to help our developers and the Software community. I love the outdoors—hiking, snowboarding, and especially being out on the water.

Joshua Cheng

I like to eat. A lot. When I’m not eating, I like to code. A lot. I’m a fast learner, which is important given how fast the coding world changes around us. I think it’s important to build clear mental models before your fingers hit the keyboard.

Shrey Shah

I like to travel and explore new places. This comes into coding and data as well. I am a fast learner and love to explore new types of development methodologies and look at how data takes shape. I base my coding on the simple phrase - ‘Hours of planning saves days of coding’.

Bo Jacobson

I'm a coder, musician, and former hockey player. I love working with my team to solve problems and build things that make life better.

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