We are developers building products for developers. Our mission is to make developers happier.

Xavier Luiz

I compete in Ironman Triathlons, and I love to code. I believe in Code First as a principle. You can learn quickly by prototyping. Don’t get bogged down in endless research. In the end, speed of quality releases is everything (so long as you get the product right :).

Rick Rickards

I’m a lifelong developer. I learned a great deal about building products and companies working at Apple. I believe that much of the bespoke development we code today will become more and more like manufacturing over time.

Ofer Ohel

I also compete in Ironman Triathlons. I love hiking in remote places, like the Panama jungle. And tracking caiman in the night (seriously). During the day time, I like to think deeply about architecture and design, and then get to coding.

Geoff Stevens

I love data. I love to read and research widely. I started out learning computer science at Harvard and worked in VC before starting up with Software.

Brett Stevens

I’m a runner, designer, and developer. I like to track my running, sleep, and coding data. I think data and simple, beautiful visualizations have the potential to help developers be happier and code smarter.

Andrew Li

I love algorithms. When it comes to data, I believe that the value is in the details. I started out as a data analyst, and I like to find simple solutions to complex data problems.