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Unblock your team

You’ve got bottlenecks in your process. You may even have some guesses where. Gain insight into work that is getting stuck, such as pull requests awaiting review and changes that are waiting to be deployed. Use data to confirm a hunch, or discover hidden blockers that are stalling your team.

Stay on Track

Stay on top of work in progress

As teams grow in size, it becomes harder to stay on top of slipping work. By setting goals, teams can better manage work in progress and keep shipping apps at the same rate as they scale.

Set team goals
Lead time
Measure Impact

Continuously improve velocity

You can only improve what you can measure. Celebrate your team’s wins, and take action when bottlenecks occur. See how your team is trending over time relative to your goals, historical averages, and our global benchmarks.

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Software integrates with GitHub, Jira, and Slack, so you can visualize your development data in one place.
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Data Security

We keep your data secure

Trust and data privacy matter.
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Source code protection
We never read, transmit, or store source code. We do not edit or modify code or files.
Data encryption
We encrypt all data at rest in databases, backups, and storage.
Read-only permissions
We request minimum permissions and use read-only API calls to analyze GitHub metadata while keeping your data private.
SOC 2 compliant
We’re SOC 2 compliant.
Enough said.

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