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Measure and improve your organization’s DevOps performance.
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See across your development stack with our integrations and code editor plugins. Measure how your team’s DevOps performance changes over time and take action to improve.
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Install the Software app from the GitHub marketplace and see your key DevOps metrics in just a few minutes. It’s free to get started.

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We keep your data safe with zero trust architecture and processes. We use read-only API calls and never read or store your code.

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Connect the tools your team uses, like Visual Studio Code, Google Calendar, Slack, and GitHub.

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DevOps Benchmarks

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Elite engineering teams release software 100x faster. See how your team performs compared to global benchmarks and track your progress against other companies in the market.

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POWERFUL Automation

Save time with data-driven automation

Save time and release faster with powerful workflow automations. With EditorOps, you can start automating your development workflows—right inside your code editor.

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Open data platform

See across tools in your development stack with our open-source code editor plugins and integrations to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, GitHub, Slack, and Spotify.
Tools we support
Visual Studio

Code editors

Protect your flow and see a personal daily dashboard—right inside your code editor.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

See the impact of meetings and protect your team’s best times for coding.



See how your team compares to our global community across key metrics such as lead time.



Measure the impact of Slack notifications on code time and automatically mute Slack from you editor.

Fast and easy to get started

Connect GitHub and visualize your data in minutes. When you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to your team’s key DevOps performance metrics, including delivery frequency and throughput.
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