The best teams are data-driven

Software helps you and your team measure and improve with data.

Improve what you can measure

We don’t measure developers. We measure development. Software helps you create a system that allows developers to get work done.

Stay in the loop with your team

Development is a team sport. All data is anonymized and aggregated before it is shared with you and your team.

Time to Code

See how much coding happens during work hours versus nights and weekends. Schedule dedicated code times to improve productivity and reduce burnout.

Production Throughput

Balance your team’s code lead time against other metrics, such as average commit size, to create predictability and speed of release.


Open data platform

See across tools in your development stack with our open-source code editor plugins and integrations to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, GitHub, Slack, and Spotify.
Tools we support

Code editors

Protect your flow and see a personal daily dashboard—right inside your code editor.

Google Calendar

See the impact of meetings and protect your team’s best times for coding.


See how your team compares to our global community across key metrics such as lead time.


Measure the impact of Slack notifications on code time and automatically mute Slack from you editor.

Data Privacy

Improve what you can measure

Trust matters. We’re not building corporate spyware. We value developer privacy, productivity, and happiness above all. We put data in the hands of developers, not just their managers. Everyone on your team sees the same data, which is always aggregated and anonymized.
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Big brother tracking
Engineering Overlords
Code editor plugins

Why developers love Software

Our code editor plugins help developers protect their flow, avoid context switching, and measure and improve with data.

Code Time

Automatically detect and protect your flow without having to leave your editor.

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Music Time

Play music from Spotify and get song recommendations in VS Code, IntelliJ, and Atom.

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100 Days of Code

Automatically log your progress toward complete the #100DaysOfCode challenge.

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When you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to insights from our global data platform of more than 150,000 developers around the world. Connect GitHub and invite your team to see your data.
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