Identify bottlenecks, remove blockers, and measure improvement with insights and metrics from GitHub

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Connect GitHub to visualize your organization's development data in minutes—with no need for setup or services.

Over 300,000 at companies around the world are part of the ecosystem. By collecting data across the stack, we provide insights to engineering teams that help them identify bottlenecks, remove blockers, and measure improvement over time.

How to connect GitHub

When you install the app on your GitHub organization, you will be able to see two weeks of data in just a few minutes. We continue to backfill your last three months of history over the next 30 minutes. When your data is done processing, you will get an email and an in-app notification that your data is ready to view.

If your GitHub organization has app access restrictions enabled, an Owner or App Manager must connect GitHub. Third-party app restrictions are enabled by default for all new GitHub organizations.

Installation Troubleshooting

Having trouble? Follow these steps.

  1. Check that Software has not already been installed for your GitHub organization. Since an app can only be installed once per GitHub organization, we only support one Software organization per GitHub organization.
  2. Check that you have the right permissions. Members and Contributors will not be able to connect to GitHub. Only Owners and App Managers.
  3. Check that the app installation is not pending. Go to your organization's settings and click on Installed GitHub Apps. You will see a section of Pending GitHub Apps installation requests. If you're an Owner or App Manager, grant access to the Software app if it is pending.
  4. If none of the above works, please contact us at

Data we collect

Our GitHub integration only collects metadata about your organization’s activity. We never read, transmit, or store source code.

Some of the APIs we request permissions to access include:

  • Repository contents (includes commits), pull requests, and issues
  • Organization members and projects

After the initial sync, our app subscribes to ongoing GitHub webhook events to provide you with real-time insights. Some examples of the events that we subscribe to include:

  • Push
  • Pull request
  • Pull request review
  • Pull request comment
  • Release, deployment

All of our permissions are read-only and we only request the permissions we need to build your organization's analytics dashboards.

When we update our app permissions, which we may do on a periodic basis as we add new features, you will receive a notification from GitHub with a note from us explaining the reason for the change.

Data privacy and security

Data privacy and security is our top priority. We've summarized a few important points below, but we also encourage you to check out our policy on data privacy and security.

  • Individual data is always private. We're not building spyware. We believe that data should be used to build trust, not to destroy it.
  • All of your organization's sensitive information is hashed and encrypted. That includes your organization's name, repository names, branch names, and anything else that is sensitive information.
  • We do not read or store your code. We process events from GitHub such as pushes, pull requests, and issues. You can see the data in these event payloads in GitHub's API documentation.
  • You can revoke access to our GitHub App at any time in the Installed GitHub Apps page in your organization settings. You have full control.
  • Your data is stored in a highly-secure environment with strict access privileges, full audit logs, and end-to-end encryption.

Common questions

How is different from analytics provided by GitHub, BitBucket, etc.?

Our platform helps you turn insight into action to improve the developer experience in your organization. Most out-of-the-box Git analytics solutions only provide basic metrics, usually per repository. We provide a 360-degree view across all repositories in your organization. We also integrate with other tools, such as Jira and Slack, improving productivity with better visibility and automation.

How does pricing work?‍

Software offers a free Starter plan with visibility into key metrics and a paid Pro plan (starting at $99 per month) with advanced features, like code review and CI/CD insights. A subscription to the Pro plan is required to use our integration for Slack. 

You can get started with a free two-week trial of the Pro plan, no credit card required. Learn more about our pricing.

Is there a limit to how many members of my team I can invite to

No. You can invite as many team members as you want without any additional cost. Our tiered pricing model is based on the size of your GitHub organization.

How do I delete my data?

Send us an email at with the subject line "Data Deletion Request."