Measure end-to-end lead time by connecting issues in Jira to pull requests and deployments 

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Lead time

Improve visibility into your organization’s lead time and measure the time it takes for your team to make product changes. When you connect Jira, you will be able to see how efficiently work moves from issue created to changes deployed. 


See a breakdown of lead time by team, stage, repository, and label. See how engineering productivity changes over time as your team adopts new tools or shifts to hybrid work.


Get insight into metrics that may be affecting lead time, such as review turnaround time, time to deploy, and throughput. We automatically alert you when there are major changes in your software delivery process, such as a spike in lead time.

How to Connect Jira

If you’re new to Software.com, you will need to first create an account and connect to your GitHub organization

Next, connect Jira from your organization’s settings. Select the Connected apps tab in the navigation menu and click Connect Jira. You will be redirected to Jira where you can choose your workspace and review permissions before installing the app. 

Common Questions

Why do I need to connect GitHub? 

When you sign up for a Software.com account and connect to GitHub, you will get data to help you discover hidden blockers that are stalling your team — including the time it takes to review, approve, and merge pull requests. We provide a more complete end-to-end view of lead time when you connect Jira and link your team’s pull requests to Jira issues.  

How are Jira issues and pull requests linked?

We automatically link Jira issues and pull requests if a pull request name contains a project prefix and number associated with a Jira issue (e.g. JRA-123).

On the Lead Time page, you can view your Issue Coverage, which is the percentage of pull requests successfully linked to Jira issues. These PRs are used to calculate time from issue in progress to pull request open. If a PR is not linked to a Jira issue, first commit will be used in place of issue in progress.

How does pricing work?‍

Software offers a free Starter plan with visibility into key metrics and a paid Pro plan (starting at $99 per month) with advanced features, like code review and CI/CD insights. A subscription to the Pro plan is required to use our integration for Jira. 

You can get started with a free two-week trial of the Pro plan, no credit card required. Learn more about our pricing.

Is there a limit to how many members of my team I can invite to Software.com?

No. You can invite as many team members as you want without any additional cost. Our tiered pricing model is based on the size of your GitHub organization.