Use data to discover your most productive music.

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Get in the zone, faster. Connect Spotify to you code editor, learn from your data, and discover new music that can help you code more productively. When you integrate Spotify with your Software account, you'll be able to control and browse your music right from your code editor—eliminating the need to context switch when you're in flow.

Music Recommendations

Get personalized recommendations by genre and mood based on your listening history.

In-Editor Player Controls

Control your music right from the status bar of your editor.

Personal Top 40

See your most productive songs, artists, and genres every week in your weekly top 40.

Data We Collect

Music Time is built on top of Code Time and collects additional data from Spotify to help you find the most productive music for coding. Music Time will ask for the following Spotify permissions:

  • View your Spotify account data. We use this information to create your profile on Software.
  • View your activity on Spotify. We use this information to provide better music recommendations based on your listening history and playlists.
  • Take actions in Spotify on your behalf. This enables us to control your Spotify player, create custom playlists, and let you add or remove songs from your playlists.

When you connect Spotify, we see your:

  • Email address
  • Basic profile information (e.g. name) 

As you listen to music while coding, we collect data including:

  • Song play start and end time
  • Song metadata (e.g. song name, artist)

Music Time extensions are open source and viewable on GitHub, if you are interested in exploring our codebase.

Connecting Spotify

To connect Spotify, install the Music Time plugin for your favorite code editor. In your editor, click Connect Spotify in the status bar or in the Music Time side panel. Music Time will prompt you to log in to your Spotify account. Once you have successfully connected your Spotify account, you can return to VS Code where you will now see your playlists and music recommendations.

To use the play controls, Music Time requires a premium Spotify account and an internet connection on Windows and Linux. If you are on a Mac, Music Time can also control the Spotify desktop app using AppleScript as either a premium or non-premium user.