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Code Time automatically detects when you're in flow and blocks out distractions.
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Works where you do

Code Time is a time-tracking plugin that integrates directly with all of the most popular code editors and IDEs.
Flow Mode for VS Code
Flow mode

Automate away distractions

Slack messages, Facebook notifications, and OS notifications—a few examples of the enemies of flow—break attention and focus.

Software automatically detects when you’re in flow and then mute notifications for you. You can configure our editor extensions to automatically enter Zen mode, hide your OS dock, or even set your Slack status to away when you’re in flow for fully focused, uninterrupted coding.

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Top code times by hour of day
Top Code Times

Protect your top code times

Based on data from more than 150K developers, we recommend teams block 3pm-5pm as dedicated code times. But every team and individual’s work habits are different. See what your data looks like for you and your team.

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Project reports view

Integrated time tracking and reporting

Your software matters, so we track the data behind the software. Track and analyze your data from your code editor. Get detailed reports of your code time by project. Visualize your coding metrics, daily progress, and work calendar in one spot.

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Tools built for developers

Analyze your coding data to increase flow, decrease interrupts, achieve work-life balance, and more.
In-editor dashboard

Get daily and weekly reports of your programming activity right in your code editor.

Status bar metrics

After installing our plugin, your status bar will show real-time metrics about time coded per day.

Calendar integration

Connect a calendar to visualize your code time vs. meeting time and protect your top code times.

Weekly email reports

Get a weekly report delivered right to your email inbox.

Data visualizations

Get simple data visualizations, such as top projects, daily active code time, and daily meeting time.

More stats

See your coding outside work hours, code day length, and more.

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