Introducing the Software Top 40 playlist for developers

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Music Time

This week, we’re launching Music Time, a VS Code extension that helps you discover your most productive music to listen to while you code. We also built a Music Time plugin for Atom and a plugin for all of the JetBrains IDEs, like PyCharm and IntelliJ.

Anyone using Music Time can see their most productive tracks, artists, and genres by productivity and plays. To identify your top music, we compare your listening history with your coding metrics, like keystrokes per minute, which we use as a proxy for focus.

Music Time dashboard

Another one of our goals for Music Time is to answer the broader question, “What are the most productive songs for coding across all developers?”

Using the same approach, we’ve ranked the most productive songs that developers listen to while coding using Music Time.

Global most productive songs

Every week, we recalculate and republish the most productive coding songs for developers to a Spotify playlist, Software Top 40. Check it out and follow the playlist for a new batch of songs each week.

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