Music for Coding: 50 Spotify Playlists for Developers

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Best programming music

If you’re on the hunt for new music for coding, we’ve got you covered.

We recently launched the beta version of Music Time, our code editor plugin that learns when you code best and automatically creates personalized playlists. Every week, our AI dj recommends new songs that we think you’ll enjoy coding to.

If you're looking for music to listen to right now, we've compiled some of the best and most popular Spotify playlists to get you started.

A quick breakdown of music categories in our list of the top 50 playlists for coding:

  1. Focus (1-9)
  2. Study (10-18)
  3. Mellow (19-24)
  4. Binaural (25-27)
  5. Beats (28-31)
  6. Energy Boost (32-42)
  7. Feel Good (43-46)
  8. Experimental (47-50)

Let's dive in.


Coding music for focus

1. Software Top 40

Want to know what other developers are listening to while coding? Check out the Software Top 40 for the most popular songs from the developer community.

The Software Top 40 aggregates data from Music Time users. You can follow the playlist on Spotify or

2. Brain Food

Hypnotic electronic for studies and a relax. [100 songs, 3.26m followers]

3. Deep Focus

Keep calm and focus with atmospheric music. [185 songs, 3.15m followers]

4. Soft Focus

Free your mind and let your thoughts flow, or let the world fade to a soft focus as you drift off to dream. [45 songs, 290k followers]

5. Classical Focus

Enhance your focus with classical music. [244 songs, 16k followers]

6. House Focus

Instrumental house for when you need to focus. [65 songs, 3k followers]

7. Indie Folk for Focus

Zone in (or out) with ethereal, meditative instrumental indie folk and acoustic tracks. [110 songs, 712k followers]

8. Focus Now

Piano music to hone your focus and thought process. [176 songs, 257k followers]

9. Focus Flow

Focus your flow with uptempo instrumental hip-hop beats. [90 songs, 141k followers]


Coding music for studyin

10. Music for Concentration

Minimalism, electronica, and modern classical to concentrate to. [90 songs, 1.1m followers]

11. Perfect Concentration

Calming piano music for enhanced concentration. [160 songs, 654k followers]

12. Productive Morning

Get into a morning flow with this focus playlist. [67 songs, 446k followers]

13. Intense Studying

Score your study sessions with some calm, focus-enhancing classical and instrumental works. [155 songs, 1.9m followers]

14. Intense Studying: Mixtape Edition

Classical music to help you concentrate and stay focused during your most intense studying sessions. [100 songs,102k followers]

15. Soundtrack for Study

Instrumental music from your favourite movies specifically curated to help you concentrate. [70 songs, 359k followers]

16. Reading Soundtrack

Beautiful scores to accompany your reading. [104 songs, 700k followers]

17. Instrumental Study

A smooth musical backdrop to keep your focus on the task at hand. [181 songs, 1m followers]

18. All-Nighter

Stay focused with these instrumental electronic and trap beats. [72 songs, 26k followers]


Mellow coding music

19. Chill Out Music

The ultimate chill out playlist. [129 songs, 653k followers]

20. SPA Treatment

Music wellness for your soul. [165 songs, 358k followers]

21. Your Favorite Coffeehouse

Curl up in your favorite spot with some sweet, mellow tunes. [111 songs, 3.7m followers]

22. Peaceful Piano

Relax and indulge with some profoundly beautiful piano pieces. [240 songs, 5.5m followers]

23. Creamy

Melodic future bass, warm vocal drizzle, and dreamy dance music. [185 songs, 536k followers]

24. Calm before the Storm

Improve your concentration with aerial post-rock sounds. [40 songs, 232k followers]

Binaural Beats

Coding music: binaural beats

25. Binaural Beats: Focus

Enhance your concentration by traveling through different brainwave frequencies until you reach peak awareness in Gamma state. [39 songs, 57k followers]

26. Binaural Beats: Gamma Brainwaves

Tones with sound frequencies that increase focus and concentration. [14 songs, 10k followers]

27. Binaural Beats: Beta Brainwaves

Tones with frequencies that encourage alertness. [19 songs, 7k followers]


Coding music: beats

28. Gold Instrumental Beats

Timeless hip hop instrumentals and contemporary beats inspired by the golden era. [47 songs, 197k followers]

29. Beats to think to

Focus with deep techno and tech house. [80 songs, 227k followers]

30. Lo-Fi Cafe

Chill instrumental beats for cool coffeehouse vibes. [104 songs, 27k followers]

31. Lo-Fi Beats

Beats to relax and focus. [318 songs, 2.3m followers]

Energy Boost

Coding music: energy boost

32. Rage Beats

The absolute hardest electronic tracks. [132 songs, 128k followers]

33. Lowkey Tech

Chill techno and tech house. [80 songs, 351k followers]

34. Walk Like a Badass

Big riffs and pounding drums to help you strut the streets like the badass you are. [50 songs, 1.7m followers]

35. Rock Hard

For those who like the newest songs loud. Very loud. [100 songs, 661k followers]

36. Punk Essentials

Punk rock from the 90s and 00s that you need in your life. [50 songs, 466k followers]

37. Chilled Drum & Bass

Escape with these melodic liquid drum & bass beats. [50 songs, 11k followers]

38. Confidence Boost

You’re on top of the world. Don’t forget it. [60 songs, 2.8m followers]

39. Creativity Boost

Need a burst of inspiration? These artsy and innovative tracks are sure to spark your creativity. [86 songs, 358k followers]

40. Workday Soul

Soulful tracks to help you get through your day. [121 songs, 71k followers]

41. Cleaning Kit

No dust was found after cleaning to this playlist. [80 songs, 73k followers]

42. Groove Theory

A feel-good soulful house and disco selection. [97 songs, 188k followers]

Feel Good

Coding music: feel good

43. Pura Vida

Musica para feeling good. [47 songs, 441k followers]

44. Cafe con Leche

Savor life like a cup of your favorite cafecito. [50 songs, 408k followers]

45. Acoustic Covers

A fun mix of folksy and acoustic covers. [110 songs, 3.5m followers]

46. mint Acoustic

Dance music unplugged. [100 songs, 190k followers]


Coding music: experimental

47. Organic Experimental

The ethereal world of experimental music with organic sounds. [50 songs, 69k followers]

48. Minimalism

Including genre-defining classics, postminimalism, holy minimalism, and more. [51 songs, 116k followers]

49. Deep Listening

Drown in an ocean of atmospheric soundscapes. [50 songs, 171k followers]

50. Exospheres

A deep dive into Experimental and Ambient music today. [100 songs, 70k followers]

Create your own coding playlist

Listening to playlists curated by Spotify or other developers is a great way to discover new and productive music. As you listen to music while coding, you'll start to find what music works best for you.

If you want to explore your best coding music and get automatic song recommendations, check out our Music Time plugin.

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