Development Observability Platform

We help you bring transparency to software delivery. Identify bottlenecks, remove blockers, and measure improvement over time.

Data Platform

Zero maintenance required

We’ve done the manual work for you. That gives you more time to focus on leading your team — not managing API integrations, pipelines, and spreadsheets.

Custom-Built Platform

Manual integrations, maintenance
Dedicated BI, data engineers
Platform security costs, overhead
Custom data platform

Our Platform

No custom coding or data integration
Organization, team, and global insights
Data governance and security data platform
Fast and effortless setup
Instant Visibility

Fast setup and visibility

We make development observability easy for every team. When you sign up, you can see how your team is trending with access to three months of historical data. You’ll get your first insights in just a few minutes.

See organization trends
One-click Integration

Works with your tools

Visualize your development data in one place. Our platform integrates with GitHub, Jira, and Slack.

Connect your tools
Connect GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket
Data Security

We keep your data secure

Trust and data privacy matter. Learn more about how we secure data ->
Source code protection
We never read, transmit, or store source code. We do not edit or modify code or files.
Data encryption
We encrypt all data at rest in databases, backups, and storage.
Read-only permissions
We request minimum permissions and use read-only API calls to analyze GitHub metadata.
SOC 2 compliance
SOC 2 compliant
We are fully SOC 2 compliant and partner with Drata to monitor our security posture.

Get started for free

Connect your tools and visualize your data in minutes. When you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to your data. No demo or sales calls.