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DevOps overview

Metrics that matter

Improve visibility into your organization's DevOps performance with real-time data on the metrics that matter most.
Delivery velocity

Measure how easily teams can deploy changes to production with delivery lead time and delivery frequency.

Delivery pipeline

See how efficiently work flows through the delivery pipeline, from development to review to merge.

Late stage rework

Identify code churn in your delivery pipeline. Compare merged and cancelled pull requests.

Weekly DevOps report
Continuous improvement
DevOps Benchmarks

Compare global benchmarks

See how your team performs compared to global benchmarks and track your progress against other companies in the market.

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DevOps metrics for top projects
DevOps Performance

Metrics for continuous improvement

Use data to fix bottlenecks and reduce wait time. Improve daily work to create a more efficient development pipeline.

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DevOps Data platform

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DevOps overview

Real-time metrics

Improve visibility into your organization's DevOps performance with real-time data.

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Weekly DevOps report

Automated reporting

Get weekly email reports to see how your organization is trending—delivered right to your inbox.

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Custom DevOps metrics dashboard

Custom dashboards

Create custom dashboards with your organization’s DevOps data. Fully configurable.

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