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Save time and eliminate context switches. Start automating your development workflows—right inside your code editor.

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Make your code editor work for you

We envision a smarter code editor that helps you make daily work faster, more efficient, and more enjoyable.
Install the EditorOps extension

Get the latest EditorOps extension from the Visual Studio Code marketplace. It’s fast and easy.

Automate your workflows

Choose your triggers and actions to control your workflows. Get started with automations for Slack, Google Calendar, Spotify, and more.

Build custom workflows

Trigger custom actions by writing your own scripts. Explore and remix workflows from the community.


Workflows to get you started

Explore awesome workflows built by our community.
Enable Do Not Disturb

Change your Slack status to away when in flow.

Play a Spotify playlist

Play your most productive Spotify playlist when in flow.

Set your Slack status

Set a custom Slack status when your editor is in focus.

Switch to dark mode

Turn on your system’s dark mode setting to get in the zone.

Set personal reminders

Create alerts to take breaks using a CRON schedule.

Create a calendar event

Protect time for deep work by blocking off time on your calendar.

Data-Driven Automation

Less context switching, fewer interruptions

Turn your code editor into your development command center. Control your music, see upcoming meetings, check build statuses, and more inside Visual Studio Code. When you need to focus, you can automatically enable Do Not Disturb and mute notifications.

Discover what you can automate
EditorOps automation

Create your own workflows

Create custom triggers and trigger custom scripts. Build, share, and remix workflows with the community.

Start customizing your setup

Connect tools you use everyday

Start automating your workflows by connecting your favorite tools. Discover new and remarkable ways to improve your daily work with integrations to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, and Spotify.
Tools we support
Visual Studio

Code editors

Create and customize your workflows—right inside your code editor. Try it in Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ, and more.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Automatically create focus blocks when you start coding. Turn on Do Not Disturb when you enter a protected time.



Play music right from you code editor. Control your music, view and create playlists, and play your most productive music.



Mute notifications from Slack. Set your status to away—or create a custom message when you start coding.

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