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Understand the impact of remote work and see which tools, processes, and workflows make teams the most productive.

Future of work
Work Models

See the impact of the shift to remote work

Keep a pulse on engineering efficiency across teams, work models, and locations, so you can decide on the future of work at your company.

See remote work trends
Remote, hybrid, office work
Distributed engineering teams
Distributed workplace

Improve visibility for distributed teams

Our platform makes development observability easy for distributed teams. We help you understand where engineering teams excel and where they need help.

Insights for distributed teams
Long-Term Trends

Understand the impact of new tools on productivity

With the rapid adoption of AI and automation tools, developers are writing and editing code at a faster rate than ever before. Measure their impact on developer productivity and gain confidence faster to make broader changes across the organization.

Measure change over time
Impact of AI tools

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