Finally, the data to make the right future of work decisions

What’s the right future of work for your team? Track your team’s core productivity data at home and at the office.

Create a team—it's free

Teams is in beta and requires a GitHub organization.

Your trust matters

Your individual data stays private. Your data is for you only. Everyone on a team sees the same anonymized team data.

In Data We Trust

Development is a team sport. Data should be used to build trust, not to destroy it. All data is anonymized and aggregated before it is shared with your team.

Data transparency

Your team’s data is viewable by everyone, not just managers. Everyone gets access to the data.

Data for one, data for all

We designed one dashboard for both developers and managers to help the entire team improve.

If you’re ever concerned with how we manage your data, you can reach out directly to me, Mason McClead, at

Discover where your team codes best

See how your team’s active code time compares at home versus at the office. Discover how remote work impacts code time, meeting time, and code day length.

Protect your team's flow

See how much coding happens during work hours versus nights and weekends. Schedule dedicated code times to improve productivity and reduce burnout.

Works where you do

We build productivity tools in the editor, for developers—not micromanagement or spyware tools. All of our plugins are open source and installed in minutes.

What will be the future of work at your company?

Many companies have given their employees the ability to work from anywhere in 2021, but most are still weighing the pros and cons of remote work before making a decision.

Free forever, with the option to upgrade

Create a team and get started for free. No credit card required.


$0 /user/mo

For teams who want to track productivity working from home

A free-forever plan with:

  • 90 days of data retention


$9.95 /user/mo

For teams who want to measure progress over longer time periods.

Everything in Free, and:

  • Unlimited data retention
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