Code Time is a time-tracking app for Atom.

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Integrated time-tracking and reports

Your software matters, so we track the data behind the software. Track and analyze your data from Atom. Measure your code time by project, lines of code, and keystrokes per minute.

Find your most productive times for coding

The key to maximizing productivity is finding your peak productive times. Code Time measures your keystrokes over your last 90 days and summarizes your data in a heatmap so you can protect those times from interrupts.

Improve your work-life balance

How much do you code after hours and weekends? Code Time helps you see your breakdown at work vs. outside work so you can find ways to improve your work-life balance.

See your top programming languages

Code Time provides time-tracking by project, file, and language. Learn to code faster by seeing how much time you spend working in each language.


Analyze your coding data to increase flow, decrease interrupts, achieve work-life balance, and more.

In-editor dashboard

Get daily and weekly reports of your programming activity right in your code editor.

Status bar metrics

After installing our plugin, your status bar will show real-time metrics about time coded per day.

Calendar integration

Integrate with Google Calendar to automatically protect your best programming times from meetings and interrupts.

Weekly email reports

Get a weekly report delivered right to your email inbox.

Data visualizations

Get simple data visualizations, such as a rolling heatmap of your best programming times by hour of the day.

More stats

See your speed, frequency, and top files across your commits.

It’s safe, secure, and free

Your data is just for you.

  • We never access your code

    We do not process, send, or store your proprietary code. We only provide metrics about programming, and we make it easy to see the data we collect.

  • Your data is private

    We will never share your individually identifiable data with your boss. In the future, we will roll up data into groups and teams, but we will keep your data anonymized.

  • Free for you, forever

    We provide 90 days of data history for free, forever. In the future, we will provide premium plans for advanced features and historical data access.

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