Code Time

Open source plugin for automatic programming metrics, including time tracking, right in your editor.

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Supported editors

To get started, choose your text editor or IDE, and follow the setup instructions.


Analyze your coding data to increase flow, decrease interrupts, achieve work-life balance, and more.

In-editor dashboard

Get daily and weekly reports of your programming activity right in your code editor.

Status bar metrics

After installing our plugin, your status bar will show real-time metrics about time coded per day.

Calendar integration

Integrate with Google Calendar to automatically protect your best programming times from meetings and interrupts.

Weekly email reports

Get a weekly report delivered right to your email inbox.

Data visualizations

Get simple data visualizations, such as a rolling heatmap of your best programming times by hour of the day.

More stats

See your speed, frequency, and top files across your commits.

Frequently asked questions

When you code offline, your data is temporarily stored in your data.json file in your .software folder. When you regain connectivity, we batch send data from this file to You can check your last update time for each plugin in your session.json folder.

We will never share your individual identifiable data. We aggregate anonymized data to help developers improve, so we can show how your data compares to groups, such as all developers using Software. When we combine data into teams or groups, we strip away all personal identifiable data (e.g. name, project names, etc.), unless it’s your data shown only to you.

Software is free for individuals and teams. For access to historical data beyond 90 days, modest data charges may apply (pricing will be determined after beta). In the future, we will provide enterprise features and pricing as well.

Software keeps all of your data, but only the most recent 90 days of data will be accessible for free accounts. You will be able to upgrade to a paid plan in the future, but paid plans are not yet available.

Yes. Software works with multiple text editors or IDEs across multiple devices.

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