100 Days of Code

The 100 Days of Code VS Code extension helps you reach your goals toward completing the #100DaysOfCode challenge.


Collect milestones

Work toward milestones while coding and unlock badges for your accomplishments along the way. Earn milestones by coding seven days in a row, trying a new language, sharing your progress on Twitter, and more.
In-editor logging

Track your progress

Log daily progress, metrics, and milestones to see how far you have progressed over the 100 days. Your code time and other daily coding metrics are automatically tracked using our Code Time extension.
Built-in sharing

Share your progress and milestones

Easily share your logs and milestones to Twitter. The 100 Days of Code extension creates personalized tweets that you can tweet right from VS Code.
Milestones gif

What will you achieve next?

It only takes a minute to install 100 Days of Code for VS Code. Plus, it’s free.

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